About us

What we do

Through enhanced operational efficiency, we aim to improve physiotherapy provision by making it more affordable and more quickly accessible. By breaking down these barriers, we want to ensure that musculoskeletal problems are addressed before they become long-term and chronic. As well as being the direct link between patients and physiotherapists, our platform is used by clinics who want to take advantage of white-labelling opportunities, and businesses seeking occupational health provision.

Our founders

Chris Kennelly, Chief Executive

Chris, Chief Executive

In 2011, Chris founded an innovative healthcare tech company called Cievert, having worked as a radiographer in the NHS, for the North of England Cancer Network, and as a management consultant within health commissioning. After transforming patient management and engagement in radiotherapy, Chris is now turning his head to making the world of physiotherapy more effective - hence JimJam. Chris also has an MBA and a love of whiteboards.

Paul Bryce, Clinical Director

Paul, Clinical Director

Given that he owns and runs a clinic up in Scotland, Paul is well-suited to being in charge of JimJam's clinical side. With sixteen years of clinical experience under his belt as well as experience working in professional sport, he's inevitably the man we turn to for all things physio-related. Paul also runs the odd (20+) half marathon and is a father of four, three of whom are triplets.

Jamie Hurst, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Jamie, CTO

Jamie is a self-taught web developer from Sunderland. He graduated with a First in Computing, then became Lead Developer at LINGsCARS.com - "quite possibly the worst and weirdest website on the internet" (Metro news, 2015). Not satisfied with that accolade, he now also runs and operates his own company, HurstDEV.

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If you'd like to get in touch with somebody at JimJam, please use the Contact Us page.