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JimJam’s aim is to improve the provision of healthcare in the UK. In that vein, we collaborate as much as we can with people, clinics, businesses, institutions and other service providers who share this ambition.

The JimJam platform is cost effective no matter the size of your operation. Whether you’re an independent physiotherapist or a multinational insurance company, you can use our technology to hold consultations via video call and manage your practice.

Our platform is easy to use for clinicians, administrators and patients alike – it was designed by a team of experienced healthcare professionals, with all users in mind.


  • Remote consultation – Skype-like video call technology that links the patient with the clinician (all they require is a webcam and an internet connection)
  • Clinical notes – take notes during the consultation, store them securely, access patient records when required, and make reporting easier
  • Consultation recordings – patients and clinicians can play back a recording of the consultation (this can be particularly useful for insurance purposes)
  • Exercise database – prescribe physiotherapy patients clinical exercises from our repertoire of professional HD videos
  • Diary – keep track of appointments with all your clinicians, across multiple locations
  • Payment processing – all invoicing can be done within the platform and payments can be taken securely online
  • Patient communication – keep track of communication, send emails using a template, generate automatic follow-up invitations
  • Fill capacity – JimJam can refer patients nationwide for remote consultation with the staff at your clinic, helping fill spare capacity and last-minute cancellations
  • Customisation – our platform can be adapted to include your branding, integrating JimJam seamlessly
  • Support – our team are always keen to work with healthcare professionals to improve the platform, meeting clinical requirements and adapting to preferences

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch and we'll be more than happy to have a chat about collaboration.