JimJam SME

What is it?

JimJam provides online access to physiotherapists via video call in a fast, simple and affordable way. JimJam SME extends this service to your employees so that they can access physio treatment quickly from one of our experienced UK-registered physios as and when they need it. This reduces sickness absence because staff return to work sooner and we can help prevent musculoskeletal (MSK) problems before they arise.

What are the benefits for my business?

MSK problems occur in businesses of all sizes. And yet, occupational health solutions are seen as the preserve of big corporations. In fact, smaller businesses suffer a bigger impact when they lose an employee for any period of time. So it’s important for your employees to get access to a physio as soon as a problem presents itself; this prevents an acute issue from becoming chronic.

Giving your company prompt access to physiotherapy:

  • increases productivity by reducing workdays lost;
  • lowers company liability by minimising workplace injuries and reducing claims;
  • attracts talent by improving your offering of company perks.

How does it work?

You buy a set amount of credit for your JimJam for Business account each year. As a business customer you receive preferential rates every time one of your employees needs a consultation, and the cost of the appointment is simply deducted from your total.

If your credit is running low, you can top up at any point, and if you still have credit at the end of the year, it either rolls over to the next year or you can get it returned to you in cash, in full!

You, as an employer, have full control over your account so your employees can’t go over your plan’s credit limit. You always stay in full control of your spending.

Instant access to expert help
Convenient video call consultations
Money back guarantee**
Reduce staff absenteeism
Prevent staff injuries
Save money
Cost effective staff benefits
Full control over how your credits are used

Cost per year: £90

Credits: 5 equivalent to 5 appointments

Equivalent cost per appointment: £19.99 £17.99

Percentage saving: 10%

Part of a larger organisation? Check out JimJam Corporate for a bespoke service to fit your requirements.

* All pricing is estimated on staff numbers at an 'average' company. Different companies in different sectors will have very different musculoskeletal physio requirements so please feel free to use this as a guide and purchase more or less credit to suit your local requirement. You can always top up credit at a later date very easily if you need more or if you purchase too much and don't use it, we'll pay you back in full any unused credit.

** We don't think you should have to pay for a service you don't use or require so JimJam SME payments can be easily flexed to your local requirements. This means, if you don't use your plan, we'll fully reimburse you any credits you don't use.