Cancellation Policy

This cancellation policy covers cancelled, DNA (Did Not Attend – also known as missed appointments) and late attendance of JimJam appointments. This might relate to both a patient and/or a JimJam physio.

For the purposes of this Policy a:

  • Cancellation is defined as any appointment that is cancelled through email or telephone notification prior to the commencement of the scheduled appointment
  • DNA is defined as any JimJam appointment that is not cancelled and also not joined within 10 minutes of the start of that appointment
  • Late Attendance is defined as any appointment that is joined after the scheduled start time but within 10 minutes

It is, of course, possible that Cancellations, DNAs and Late Attendance can be caused by either patient or physio.


  • If a patient DNA an appointment then they will be charged in full
  • If a patient is running late for an appointment then the physio will stay on the appointment for 10 minutes, after which point the session will be terminated and the patient classified as a DNA. We are not able to keep the session open any longer than 10 minutes as it is not possible to complete a full consultation in the remaining time
  • If the patient cancels an appointment with more than 24 hours notice the patient will not incur a charge.
  • If a patient cancels an appointment with less than 24 hours notice there is a sliding scale of reimbursement to the patient of 25%, 50% and 75% relating to less than 2 hours, less than 4 hours and less than 24 hours notice to cancel.


  • It is expected that a JimJam physio will only cancel appointments in exceptional circumstances and in such circumstances it is expected that we will provide patients with at least 24 hours notice. If this happens, JimJam will do its best to provide and alternative physio for that appointment, offer an alternative appointment completely or offer a full refund
  • If JimJam has to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice and is also unable to offer a suitable alternative physio, then the patient will be offered a full refund as well as an alternative appointment time and date at no extra charge
  • Time management is hugely important to us here at JimJam, but our physios are only human and sometimes may run a few minutes late. Wherever possible a member of JimJam staff will be in touch with you to provide you with an update until the physio enters your appointment.